You Pay? We’ll Pray!

Last Updated on: 19th February 2014, 09:13 am

I so should be in advertising. That was a perfect slogan for these bottom-feeding sacks of shit I’m about to describe.

I just learned something. I learned that there’s a company out there that, for a fee, will sign the person paying the fee up with someone who will pray for them. Doesn’t that scream scum to you? To me, it screams scum on so many levels.

On the first level, the person sends money on the *hope* that someone will pray for them. This prayer partner as they call it doesn’t know the customer from Adam. They’re just given their name and told to pray for them, and that is what happens if the company is being honest. They could easily just fuck off with someone’s money, tell them someone prayed for them when no one did anything of the sort.

Second, isn’t the point of praying, for those who believe in that sort of thing, supposed to be done out of genuine care and concern for someone? Say a minister asks his congregation to pray for someone who is sick. Or, a family member prays for someone going through a hard time. It’s not supposed to be something bought and paid for. It’s like paying to be told good things about yourself. It’s insincere.

Finally, what kind of praying is being done here? Praying for, or preying on? Who would this kind of service appeal to? Probably people who are feeling low and desperate, people who have few friends, lonely people looking for some sort of sign that someone might care, and sadly enough, poor people. I hate to generalize, but some people who are struggling with money might be pretty desperate. So these scum-suckers are taking more money from them that could be better spent on food and necessities of life.

I can hear it now. “But churches ask for money. Are they no good either?” I can understand churches asking for money, to a point. The church still has to be heated. They might have functions to run. If they starte asking for a lot of money, then yeah, they’ve fallen into the pile of sludge in bottom-feederville.

I hear something else from the peanut gallery. “What about therapy? You’re not getting anything solid from that either, and you’re essentially paying to have someone help you, which could mean saying good things about you. Plus, a lot of poor people need counseling.” Again, there are some therapists and counselors that take advantage of vulnerable people, and they are an especially dangerous kind of leech. But if you need one, and you get a good one, they can do a world of good. Plus, they may know of other things that may help you, so they’re a resource. As far as the money stuff goes, there are places to go that have sliding scales, and if you do manage to have some kind of health insurance, it will often cover it. Also, counseling isn’t all about buttering you up and saying meaningless, insincere things. It’s about listening to you, being an objective person to bounce things off of, and giving you perspective on your own thoughts. That is something you can get your head around. It’s not something nebulous like telling someone to pray for you if you pay the right amount of money.

So, at the end of the day, I wonder if these prayer partner people feel the least bit disgusted at what they take part in to earn a living. Or have they had the soul sucked out of them as a prerequisite for working there? I guess they wouldn’t want to have it left over to find out if there is or isn’t a god when they die. Something tells me, if there is a heaven, St. Peter would slam the pearly gates in their faces.

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