Man Do I Ever Hate The Media

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:29 am

So yesterday the news networks were in full vulture mode over more terror related flight news. Sort of.

Round the clock coverage with BREAKING NEWS updates and all kinds of shit to scare the hell out of the world.

At some point yesterday somehow news broke that a plane from England bound for Washington DC was being diverted because of an emergency to Boston. And here is what was reported NATION WIDE as the story.

The plane was sitting on the runway in Boston. All the passengers were unloaded from the plane and hurded in to one area still on the runway. These potential terrorists couldn’t even be taken up to the terminal.

The reason? Somehow someone had gotten on the plane with a tube of vascoline, a screw driver, some matches and 2 notes, one of which was written in Arabic and mentioned El Quada. After everything that happened last week, if this was the case then there was every reason for panic.


This turned out to NOT, in fact, be the case. The REAL story turned out to be that an ELDERLY WOMAN was having a panic attack in the plane! The flight staff could not calm the woman down and felt it was safer for her and everyone else to land the plane to get the situation under control.

That tidbit came out this morning. Now you would assume that all these honest and honourable news stations would rush to clarify everything today and tell us what really happened. Unfortunately, that’s not part of the agenda of these organizations.

There has been NEXT TO KNOW mention of this situation. This after it being all that was talked about on the 24 hour news stations yesterday afternoon. The only acknowledgement came from a 20 second clip making it sound like a completely different incident, basically mentioned in passing when listing off headlines.

You would think that after having it on all day yesterday, it would warrant more of a clear up than that. But hey. What do I know about the news – all I know is being honest, I guess. Maybe I’ll never make it in the media.

Douche bags

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