I Hate This Computer!

Last Updated on: 18th March 2014, 10:24 am

Well that looks like a boring title. But that’s all I could think to call this post. Today, I have to take this stupid computer back to the shop for more repairs. So far, I’ve had to replace a regulator that blew after having it for only a few months, a sound card because the original sound chip was the horror of horrors, and now, who knows what I’ll have to replace. Let’s see. Now, my computer squeaks at random, one of the speaker jacks in my sound card stopped working, and it randomly turns itself off, I assume because it’s overheating. So who knows..the whole inside might be shot? Let’s hope not, but I’m going to find out today. So if I’m low on blog posts, it’s because Steve and I are sharing one computer again, for who knows how long.

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