So What’s Up With This Jew Thing, Anyway?

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 11:20 am

So I’ll start this post by making it VERY clear that this is a post of ignorance – and not meant to be an attack of any kind – simply a question.

tonight on the news was an interestion story on a very talented young hockey player entering the Quebec Major Junior League. But – he’ll only play about half the games.

You see, ever since he started playing as a child – he has never ever played a Friday night game – and won’t start now. It’s something to do with the Sabbath.

What is this? What does it mean? I mean I know a few people who are Jewish, and at least to the best of my knowledge, don’t miss school or work on Friday’s. So, from what my very limited understanding tells me, it doesn’t really have much to do with the day itself. Is it the night? Is it just that some Jews don’t practice it as much as others? I mean I know in any religion there are varying degrees of seriousness in how much some people will practise their religion.

One last comment, though. I think it will be interesting if this kid ever becomes anything. I mean right now he’s just a highly touted prospect. But I mean if he ever gets good enough to make it to the NHL – it would be interesting to see if anyone would draft him. Even Quebec City now is getting criticized by their fans for drafting a player, who is to be on one of their top lines, who has made it very clear he won’t play Friday games – and the team has made it very clear that they will not stand in his way. I know it’s just junior hockey, but how do you sell tickets to every game for the same price while readily admitting you’re allowing a top player to not be there.

In the same instance though – if he makes the NHL – it’s now professional, not amateur, which, I would think, means that he would have some sort of legal action (if he can prove that he’s qualified for the league) by saying something along the lines of it being discrimination. I mean, they’re basically telling him they won’t employ him because of his religious practises. That’s pretty hairy. I know it’s all hypothetical – but it’s interesting nonetheless. If he gets drafted by the Leafs, and I pay 200 bucks for a front row seat, I expect to see the entire top line unless someone’s hurt. I don’t know how understanding I’d be.

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