Brownie Camp? Try Boot Camp!

Last Updated on: 27th December 2014, 01:49 pm

I get some interesting responses when I tell people I’ll be heading away to guide dog school. Some people are just shocked that I have to go away for a month, some people want to know what happens there. And some people think I’m going away for a month for a vacation. I mention where it is, and they go “Ooo! You’re going to California! That’ll be nice, lounging on the beach and all. I hope you get a nice tan…” or “So, since you’re living with these people, is it like Brownie camp? Are you going to sit around a campfire and make smores and sing songs?”

No! I’m going to school! Sure there is going to be some fun, but it’s going to be primarily work, and I’m going to be exhausted at the end. There will be very little lounging. I will be up at 6-ish in the morning so that I can feed my dog and let it do its morning business and then I have to get ready and eat, and stuff starts at 8 or so! It is a full day, and there’s a ton to learn. It is going to be draining. It is not going to be a fucking walk in the park.

Sure, I’m looking forward to it, and sure I hope I meet some cool people, but I’m sick of people making me feel like I’m using guide dog school as an excuse to sip drinks and lounge on the beach for a month.

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