I Drank Tea, Look Out, World!

Last Updated on: 11th October 2019, 11:46 am

Oh boy. This morning, I woke up and decided I felt like having a cup of tea. Sometimes, I can have tea, and nothing will happen. But sometimes, sometimes, … the sheer tornado of energy created by having a tea rivals the cuppa soup craze! And that’s what I feel right now. So I’m going to try and harness it and write a post before I have to go somewhere and answer phones for 4 hours. It’s random rampage time!

Sorry for being suckily inconsistent at posting lately. The sad thing is I have ideas, but I never seem to have the time or energy to write them down. Remember that horrible anti-smoking ad where this beautiful woman turns into this ugly hag who is hacking up a lung and all it says is, “Smoking! It’ll suck the life…right out of you.” Well, sub in job-searching, and change the hag from hacking up a lung to, hmmm, what can we do to her? Maybe she has an ulcer and a heart attack. Some days last week, I felt like that old hag. God damn it I hate scouring postings hoping something will come through. It especially sucks when I have to go the extra mile just to complete their minimum requirements sometimes. I bust my ass and most times, I get a big fat nooo! Oh well, somehow, some way, some day I will find something, and I will have earned it, god damn it! So that’s my lame excuse for having no energy to post what few ideas I have. Ok I’ll stop complaining like a snivelling baby and move on.

Wouldn’t you agree that sending me junk mail about conservation is…well…not very conservation-minded? It would be one thing if they had pamphlets available for those who *wanted* them. But if you’re going to force it on me, I’m only going to throw it away! Way to waste another few trees, environmentalist jackass!

After years of making envelopes, you’d think they’d make the crap you have to lick to seal them taste a little less gross. Ug. I just thought about that, well, actually Steve thought about it, when he was sealing an envelope, and he’s right. It’s nasty. Ok, maybe we’re both just weird.

Holy crap the weather sucked yesterday. I saw rain, snow and hail! What the hell? At least the snow didn’t stay, but snow in October sucks! If winter comes early, I’ll cry. As much as I don’t want our part of the world to sizzle on the grill of global warming, I would like to have winter stick to the months where it’s supposed to be cold! Looks like it’s time for me to start whistling First of May so I can make myself think happy thoughts, about, uh, the end of winter, not the rest of it. Yes, I said whistling.

I saw something that always makes me laugh a little. I was walking down a nearly deserted street with a friend, and a man was walking on the other side of the street, ranting as if he’s standing before a church congregation. But there is no one there. As we continued walking, he came over to the other side. He was ranting away, and then when he got really close to us, he stopped ranting and said to us, “hello, ladies, have a good day.” Then he stayed silent until we were a fair distance away and then started ranting again. I know these people have problems, but they’re aware that they shouldn’t be ranting in front of people, so why do they do it? It baffles me. It kind of reminds me of the dude who was yelling at no one in particular, and then took notice of dad’s truck, a Dodge Dakota, and said, “…and Dakotas suck!” Ok, chief.

And shit I gotta run! Gotta go answer those phones I was talking about! Hope I don’t miss the bus!

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