Does This Disturb You as Much as It Does Me?

Last Updated on: 15th October 2021, 01:46 pm

Does this scare you? It should. George W. Bush just signed a new bill into law that will allow terror suspects to be tried sooner, interrogators to legally use techniques like sleep-deprivation and induced hypothermia, and make it even more ok than they seem to think it is now to hold people indefinitely.

This disturbs me on so many levels. First, it disturbs me that we’ve reached the point where government can be so brazen as to just stand there and go “yep, we’re torturing suspected terrorists, and we’re going to sign it into law and there’s nothing you’re going to do about it.” There’s not even an effort to hide what they’re doing. They’re not even afraid of any opposition.

Second, it disturbs me because these people are being treated as guilty before anyone has even come close to finding them guilty. What happened to all the freedoms that everyone is supposed to receive under the law?

Third, don’t they know that torturing information out of people only gets them to say what the torturer wants to hear? I think they do, that’s the scary part.

Oh this world is going to hell.

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