Why Do I Care About This?

Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 09:59 am

So some Miss USA goes to New York and drinks some booze and snorts a little cocaine and gets caught. Woopdy frickin doo! Tell me why this is even on the news now.

But the part that pisses me off is what the snivelling model says in her speech when Donald Trump gives her a second chance by sending her to alcohol rehab. “Hey, I don’t need it, but it’s free rehab! Why not take it?”

Let that process for a while.

Done yet? If someone walked up to me and offered me free rehab, I’d say, “Thanks, but I don’t need it. Why would I take something I don’t need and prevent someone who does need it from getting it?” That’s completely and utterly ridiculous. I hope she’s stupid enough to say that to the rehab people so they kick her out. What an idiot. Arg. I don’t think I can say anymore, except, what a selfish idiot. And, Donald Trump sounds completely scummy.

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