Wow! 2006 is over!

It’s weird to be writing a blog post today. Why? Because for the last five Newyear’s Eves, we’ve had a party going on, so writing a blog post, if the blog had existed that whole time, wouldn’t be happening. But this year we decided not to have a party, so here I am.

The holidays were a zoo. In a way, they were quieter because we didn’t end up taking the six-hour car trek to see Grandma for Christmas and just enjoyed a chilled out Christmas at home. But in a way, they were more of a zoo because people suddenly expected us to be more available because we weren’t taking that trek and thought we’d just be around whenever *they* had a free moment. Isn’t it always the way that the time someone decides to squeeze you in happens to fall right during that window of time when you’re actually busy doing something else? Is it a law of nature that you always disappoint someone at Christmas, no matter how you try and fit everyone in? We were trying to see my grandma on my dad’s side of the family, hopefully for a meal, my aunt, my cousin and her twins, then we thought we’d at least pop in to visit my other grandma, the one that usually has a big dinner, and maybe see some relatives from around there. Plus, I wanted to zoom over and be with some of Steve’s family and such.

Well, we saw my grandma on dad’s side, but not for a meal. We saw my aunt and my cousin with the twins, but only when she was getting ready to head away, and in a panic. And I didn’t get to see any relatives from mom’s side. Mom did, so I guess that’s the point. But I did get to see Steve’s crew, so that was cool. Ug holidays are great, it just sucks when your relatives are spread everywhere.

I learned something when I went over to Steve’s place. Brad got the coolest little tape/CD/record player thingy with a radio on it for Christmas, which made us dig out the 45’s and other old treasures and see if they still work. They seem to, with a few skips and such, but for the most part, they’re good. One of the records was an old Raffi album. It’s really neat to hear that stuff on a record again. Then you really feel like a kid again. We were laughing because one of the songs says “peanut butter sandwich, made with jam, One for me, and one for David Amram.” We wondered who in hell David Amram was, and kept joking about that song. When I came back here, because I’m a big geek, I googled him, and he’s a real person! I guess he’s been composing and conducting music since the 50’s, and he’s still alive. Shows what I know.

Christmas was good, I got some new clothes, which always rocks…except when they don’t fit, and you find out that there’s no way in hell you’re getting the cash back for them unless you’re holding the debit or visa card with which it was bought, which you won’t be since it was a, um, gift, , you must exchange them for something else, you have trouble finding something you like, and the store chain is only in Toronto and Montreal, which are certainly not easy to get to from Guelph if you don’t have a car! Then you want to scream!
At first, I was so mad at the store chains, making it impossible to return Christmas gifts, what a prickish thing to do? Then I realized it’s because of asshole scammers that they make it so hard. God I hate spammers and scammers. So here’s a tip for everyone. If you’re going to buy clothes for someone for Christmas, look at their iron-clad return policies. If it would make it easier for the person to return the stuff if they have to, buy the clothes with cash! Then at least they can squeeze the money out of the store and the store can’t pull that trick of saying “not unless you can show me the card with which it was bought.”

I swear, each year becomes more and more of a whirlwind as they go. I don’t know what monster ate 2006. It doesn’t seem that long ago that it was just starting, I was still living in that little apartment next to Stupidhead, we just started looking for the place we’re in now, my resume needed a serious style upgrade, and I had no earthly idea when I was getting another guide dog. I wonder what this year will hold. I guess only time will tell, har har. Happy Newyear everyone!

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