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Last Updated on: 21st November 2013, 04:06 pm

Hello Everyone
Been a day or so since I threw anything up here, so I figured I should probably do so. It’s Saturday, 10am and I’m not used to being up yet on a Saturday so I have nothing to do, so this will do.

Last night I watched a Dateline Special called “Michael Jackson. Accused”. The show just about made me sick.

Now I should start this by saying I don’t believe Michael is guilty. I don’t know him or have any background info… I just have that feeling that he really didn’t do it and this is some hick family looking to get famous off of someone else. Anyway.

The special though was very clearly an anti-Jackson show. Sure, they claimed the hole time to be impartial and objective but there was not one person on the zhow that said he didn’t do it. Everyone they interviewed said how obvious it was that Michael had done it and when there were gaps in the story that could prove his innocense they were quick to find an excuse to eliminate that gap. It was sickening.

Also, while the host was talking about some of Michael’s habits, it seemed he was making fun of him. He didn’t just deliver the information, he said it with a sarcastic tone making it seem like “can you believe this guy?”. This is not objective journalism and had no business being on a news type broadcast.

There is nothing wrong with having a completely and blatantly anti-Michael special if that’s what you want to do. But don’t put it on Dateline or if you feel that’s where you have to put it, at the very least don’t call it news and objective journalism because if there were people who weren’t sure before, they’re most certainly sure he’s guilty after seeing this show. Sure, these people are sheep but you’re taught to believe the News and this type of thing was not news, this was opinion and had no business on the show it was advertised on.

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