I feel old!

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:26 am

Lately I’m being slapped in the face with how old I’m getting. I know it’s not seriously that old, but it’s scary. It’s the beginning. Other people who aren’t that much younger than me don’t remember certain things that I remember clearly. Like, remember those old books that came with the tapes and when you listened to the tapes, you knew when it was time to flip the page in the book when you heard the chimes ring? You don’t either? Well…I met someone who had no idea what I was talking about! I also remember a time when the dial tone on the phone sounded different than it does now. Hell I remember the day it changed sound. It scared the crap out of me cause I thought I broke the phone. Hell I had a dial phone for years! Nobody else remembers the dial tone sounding different either! I remember clearly commercials for the Commodore 64. Enough said. I remember listening to records! When I mention things like that to other people, and they go, “No, I don’t remember that,” I can only pray it’s because they have a bad memory.

But if only it were those things. Other things scare me too. Hardly anyone in my classes were born in the same decade as me! If they are, it’s the refreshing moment when they’re much older and dooing the mature student thing. I’ve passed the quarter century mark! aaa! I hear songs on an oldies station that I don’t think are that old! The signs are beginning to accumulate. Somebody save me. Make me feel younger than somebody, or at least not quite so much like I’m getting old!

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