Ooo! I Hit a Nerve!

Last Updated on: 15th November 2023, 06:20 am

Wow! People read us for other reasons than a stop on their journey for the holy grail that is Randy Orton’s penis! I got chomped in the comments section under my post about MADD, and I think it needs addressing up here. So here it is, from Lisa.

I work for MADD and you seem to have your information wrong. Our name is Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but we are NOT all mothers. We are concerned citizens made up of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. that want to make a difference in our communities and end the violent crime of drunk driving. Our founders name that started MADD in 1980 was Candy Lightner. You should check out the website @ and get the facts correct. And you should think about becoming involved instead of pointing fingers. MADD’s mission is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.

Allrighty, let’s begin with a clarification. I was referring to MADD Canada in that post. If you go to their site’s history section, you will indeed find that it was co-founded by a man named Jhon Bates, just like I said, aman who was kicked from his post in disgrace for the squandering of over half of each fund-raising dollar. I like the work they do, I just don’t appreciate that after it is known to be the no. 1 charity for fund-raising, I find out that only $0.44 of every dollar actually goes to that good work. The rest goes to either administrative costs or back to the people who might have called me during dinner or pounded on my door to guilt me into giving some money for this good work. I’m glad to give it, I just want to know it *is* going where it’s supposed to. Maybe MADD U.S. doesn’t have this problem, but MADD Canada sure does.

Second, if it’s supposed to be concerned citizens, why don’t you call yourselves something that reflects that? That was all I was saying in my wacky post. Last time I checked, Steve or John was never someone’s mom. If they want to be a concerned citizen, totally cool. Go Steve and John, go!

And finally, now you’ve angered me. Do *not* tell me that I should get more involved. I think volunteering at 3 charitable organizations and donating to additional causes is quite enough community involvement thank you. I’m not asking for a medal, but if I’m not supposed to “point fingers,” maybe you shouldn’t either.

Thanks for the comment. It made me correct an error. And thanks for reading. I like a little debate now and then.

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