Are you really playing Farrelly?

Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 11:18 am

Man oh man. Politics makes people regress, I swear. Just have a look at one of our city councillors if you don’t believe me.

Ever since we had our municipal election in November, there has been a tug of war going on between two councillors over a seat. It all started when Kathleen Farrelly won her seat from the existing councillor Laura Baily by one vote. Baily asked for a recount and Farrelly said she’d live with the result. The recount made it a tie, so they said they would have a draw to settle the tie. Baily’s name was drawn, which made Farrelly throw a fit and ask that a judge throw out four ballots that were deemed ambiguous. So, for two months, she has been serving on council, but nobody really knows if she’s going to be able to stay or not.

Now, the judge denied her application, saying that she didn’t dispute the ballots at the recount. Wanna know what her defense was? She was late and missed the briefing and reading of some of them. Yep, spoken like someone who’s truly serious about serving on the council. Is that even a defense? I hear that, and all I can think is, “You snooze, you lose. Tough break, but sucks to be you.”

So now we should know who’s on council. Baily is in, Farrelly is gone, it should be settled now, right? Wrong! There’s still a tantrumming little girl on the scene. Farrelly now says she’s going to speak to her lawyer and ask what the next steps are. How about act like a big girl and go home and except your losses. Maybe next time, you can run again and, if you’re lucky, the people will not remember your childish antics and you might get in without all this whining and moaning.

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