People say the dumbest things.

Last Updated on: 17th November 2013, 02:07 pm

I swear that when the media comes around, people get stupid. Ok, here’s the story. Two days ago, a guy got into a private school at the time when parents were coming to collect their kids and take them home. He sexually assaulted a seven-year-old girl in the washroom. He got caught, he got arrested, the girl got taken to the hospital, treated and released.

Now, they’re understandably trying to figure out how this guy got in. The front door is locked, the back door is locked too, except for when parents are coming to get their kids, and that’s when this guy got in. So they’re trying to figure out if there’s any way they can make things safer.

That’s when the bullshit starts flying. I quote. “Private schools need to follow the public system’s lead when it comes to buttressing security.” that was spoken by Ontario Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, to which I respond with, oh, shut it. It could have easily happened in a public school, and you damn well know it. No one has a perfect record. Shit happens. If you honestly don’t believe this, maybe you should go back and read an article about a similar assault in an Edmunton public school. It even happened in a bathroom stall. I know it wasn’t in Ontario, but the point is the same. Guys like these are predators. They scope out the scene for a long, long time before they do this. They figure out the time to strike. All anyone can do is try and be vigilant. It’s horrible if it happens, but it can happen anywhere. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is full of it.

That doesn’t make what happened any easier or less scary. But that doesn’t make the school any less safe. Until we see proof that the school was horribly negligent in protecting the kids, I don’t think anyone can assign blame. I hope Minister Wynne is ready to eat her words if, god forbid, any of her public school kids go missing or get assaulted in a similar way on school property.

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