Now That, That Is The Face Of Trouble Waiting To Happen

Last Updated on: 6th November 2013, 02:28 pm

Every time I watch Jesse & Festus wrestle, I can’t help but wonder about something. If the whole point of the Festus character is that whenever a bell rings he either transforms into a crazed madman or back to being nice and calm, why doesn’t somebody on the other team just ring the bell when they’re about to lose and then pin him? And if they’re ever being beaten down after a match while the bell is ringing almost nonstop, what happens then? Does Festus keep changing back and forth really really fast while he’s getting his ass kicked? And in a situation like that, how would he ever be able to save himself short of throwing one lucky punch and knocking somebody out before it rings again and he has to turn nice?

I can’t help but think that the moment creative pulls the trigger on the bell ringing thing [which I’m sure they will sooner or later], the gimmick is dead. I know that wrestling requires you to sometimes suspend disbelief to an amazing degree, but once you expose the one major flaw in the character here, there’s no way it can be taken seriously again. As soon as one person figures it out on TV, anybody who doesn’t do it is an idiot, which then leaves you with even more characters that the audience has no reason to see as important. Unless WWE has a really good way around this [and I’d be surprised if they do], they’ve written themselves into a bigtime corner here.

I feel bad for Jesse & Festus, because when you look at WWE’s history of failed ideas, it’s usually only a matter of time before the people who have to execute them and deal with what’s written for them wind up fired. Hopefully that won’t happen here, but if ever there was a setup for being wished the best in your future endeavours, this is it.

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