What Year Is It Again?

Last Updated on: 12th January 2015, 10:16 am

Sometimes I see something that makes me want to flop my head down on the desk and cry. After all the positive steps I’ve seen women make, I see girls wanting to sabotage their own progress and put everyone back 50 years. I see them thinking thoughts that should have been shunned, but they still think them. I see girls viewing themselves as property.

Yup, property. Property of men. In 2007, there are people who still see themselves as only someone’s girlfriend, someone’s wife, someone’s something. When a friend of the boyfriend, who the girl also knows and has explicitly told him that she is not interested makes a pass at her, her first response is, “How can he say he’s my boyfriend’s friend if he’ll try and make a pass at me?”


I have to do that again!


How about “How can someone who claims to like me not respect me enough to keep things just friendly, as I have asked?” That should be the first response. I agree with the other one, but that should be second. He made a move on you that you didn’t want, and he did it completely on purpose, and you know this! That is the most important thing. Girls, you are yourselves first, not someone else’s chattel! God! Thinking those thoughts only leaves you open to being taken advantage of by pigs who still believe that stuff. I’m not trying to blame you for other people’s behaviour, but if more of us can realize that that line of thinking is a load of horseshit, next time we hear it from some guy or some other girl, we can say, “That’s a load of horseshit!” Then maybe we’ll start to bend their thinking. If less people believe them, less people can be controled.

It pisses me off just as much when I hear girls fighting over a guy, screaming, “He’s mine!” Is he a sack of potatos? No! He’s a thinking, living, breathing being. If he left Girl A and is now with Girl B, well that’s his choice. Girl A does not have possession of him, nor does Girl B. If he decides that things just can’t work with Girl B after all and either goes back to Girl A or moves onto Girl C, well sucks to be you too, Girl B.

Then I hear, “Don’t give a guy the first ring, because that’s the guy’s job.” Says who? We’re trying to get out of a society where girls only do girl things and guys only do guy things. I know we’re a long way from that point, but we’ve gotta start somewhere! I figure if a guy can cook dinner, then a girl can give the first ring.

Then, saddest of all, I see girls blaming themselves for the sexual advances of others towards them. I didn’t think I’d actually meet a girl who believed that her mere existence was enough to seduce guys into hitting on her, into trying to kiss her, into having no regard for the word “no!” I’d read stories about rape, and people’s belief that it was their fault just because they were there, and I was shocked and saddened, but I hadn’t met someone who was younger than me and still believed that.

Ug, sometimes it seems like there’s a lot of hope for society. And then I see things like that and I’m left to wonder if we’re doomed.

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