What A Bunch Of Boobs

Last Updated on: 19th August 2022, 08:46 pm

This is just ridiculous.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada has rejected a large donation from a group called Exotic Dancers for Cancer because some of their other donors don’t support the charity having a connection to such a group.

I can’t put into words how sad and pathetic it is that anyone would have the audacity to try to dictate to a charity who they can and can’t take money from. Cancer is not a business, and you can’t sponsor it like you can a hockey game or an episode of Lost. It isn’t a case of whoever cuts the biggest cheqqe gets to make the decisions. There is no competition involved other than perhaps a friendly wager over who can raise the most money to support the fight against a horrible disease that affects people all over the world in numbers I can’t even begin to fathom. And if you win that competition, you don’t win the right to run things at the office. If you want that, start your own damn charity and leave the rest of us alone. So long as it was raised in a legal way, money is money no matter who it comes from.

I hope that the folks at the Breast Cancer Society grow a spine, sprout some good sense and tell these donors to suck on it even if it costs them some money in the short term. Yes, I said short term. Because once word gets out about what’s going on, you can count on 2 things. That there will be more than enough private citizens to fill at least some of the gap, and that these so-called major donors will have a lot less of a problem with a bunch of strippers giving a few bucks to charity once the public relations nightmares start. Major donors tend to think in terms of dollars and cents, and once those dollars and cents stop flowing their way, it’s amazing how quickly opinions change.

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