Last Updated on: 19th November 2013, 03:47 pm

Well, here comes some more juice on our ten-year-old university students. It looks like their mom is at least behind the human rights complaint. After reading this one, I think I can hit everybody in this thing with the wierd stick. Here I go.

First let’s hit the mother with the weird stick. She said she enrolled the kids in the course, but never explained why. Now she’s holding a press conference. Do these kids need any more attention? I get the sense she’s quite the media hound.

Now, time to hit a student from the campus newspaper with the weird stick for saying this case is a humiliation to other students because it’s saying their courses are so easy that even a child could pass them. Are the egos of the U of O students so fragile that they can’t handle the fact that their *might* be a brilliant kid out there who, by some fluke, made the entrance requirements? I’m not saying these two kids did, but I just find that argument weak.

The school gets a slap with the weird stick. Why not just refund their money? If they made a mistake, and these kids don’t make the requirements, say you screwed up, give them their money back. If there’s no missing money, there’s really no room for a complaint.

And a final slight tap of the weird stick goes to our two little stars of the show. When asked if this experience had made them into activists, Sebastien said, “I can’t answer that, I don’t know what activism means.”
Well then maybe you should go back and catch up on some of the grades you skipped.

I feel sorry for the poor little guys. I get the sense they’re pawns in this whole game. But maybe there will be more stories on this. I still think it’s weird.

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