I’m Thinking About Aborting The Quest For A good Title For This. Can I Have My Money Now?

Last Updated on: 31st October 2013, 10:53 am

This one definitely wins the Most Retarded Thing I’ve Heard In A Long Long Time award.

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick has
filed a piece of legislation
that would see the government pay pregnant women considering abortions $500 each not to go through with the procedure and then give the finished product up for adoption.

According to him, there were 75,000 abortions in the state of Texas last year, and that’s just too damn high. He said when commenting on his legislation during a conference that if his money could have convinced just 5% of those women not to terminate their pregnancies, nearly as many lives would have been saved as have been lost in Iraq.

I suppose that’s technically correct, but the way I see it, it’s also morally wrong and at least somewhat legally suspect. What Patrick is proposing here is that the state of Texas approach expectant mothers who aren’t really into the whole expectant mother thing and offer to buy their children from them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that illegal? There are laws in most so-called civilized nations against trading a human life for something of value, right? Last time I checked, babies counted as human life and 500 bucks was a pretty solid chunk of change, so I don’t see how a program like this would stand much of a chance once the legal challenges started and believe me, they would.

And let’s say this thing passes and isn’t squashed right away like it should be. How do you protect the Cash For Kids program from the people who would be using it? Even the type of brain-dead idiot who would come up with an idea like this should know that there will be people who turn themselves into baby factories to try to make a little extra money for themselves. What do you do about them, and more specifically, how do you distinguish between them and a person who has legitimately beaten the odds and had multiple truly accidental pregnancies? There’s no easy way to legally prove one side or the other, so anybody who sues when their request for payment gets turned down would have at least a fair chance of winning, and what they would win would make that $500 seem like pocket change.

I’m sure there are more legal issues here, but those are the ones that stuck out to me the most when I read about the idea.

Now let’s talk about the other aspect of this, the children. They’re given up for adoption and they eventually grow up and decide that they want to know where they came from, and I’m not talking about the birds and the bees stuff either. But since I did mention them, can somebody explain to me how it is that when birds and bees fuck they wind up with human babies? I’ve never understood that. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Little Johnny hears the cold hard truth, that his parents aren’t who he was always raised to believe they were. So he sets off on a quest to find out what the real deal is. he goes through stacks and stacks of records and miles and miles of red tape to finally discover that his real mother is located somewhere in Texas, and that she sold him for beer money. that’s gonna do wonders for the bottom lines of countless therapists I’m sure, but it won’t do much for the lives of the innocent children that Dan Patrick was trying to save.

In the end, what we’re left with is State sponsored bribery and thousands of shattered adult lives all in the name of furthering a morral code that nobody has any right to enforce on another human being. that’s real nice Dan, real nice. Nice and short-sighted, that is.

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