Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 8

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:16 am

It’s Sunday. Ug. Am I ever happy it’s Sunday. I mean I still had to get up for 6:15 or so for the 6:30 relieve, but after that and breakfast, it was back to bed with me. Trixie seemed cool with that too. The poor beast is tired. I thought she’d hate tiedown, but as soon as we get near it, she just flops over. Man tiedown seems short. If that’s two feet, I’d be shocked. It seems so short!

Some things I haven’t had a chance to mention. They got me a shorter handle because with the regular handle, my arm was way, way back. I love how many things they have so they can accommodate all kinds of needs. Other people, like the 6-foot giant that is Meredeth needed a longer handle. She’s so quiet. She hums to herself all the time.

My little rascal doesn’t seem to want to wait until I say the magic words “do your business” before she’s circling, which can be a super pain because sometimes I don’t have the leash made into long leash yet. I’ll have it out of the short hook, but I won’t have it hooked into the other one.

Today, we do doggy massage, I need to do laundry, and of course I need to groom my puppers. I don’t know what else I’ll be up to. I have to send a couple emails.

I’m so happy David’s gone. He kept sneaking around. last night, Autumn and I watched the movie Erin Brockovich and he walked in and paced around a while. That was awkward.

I have to try the cong with my puppy and see if she likes it better than the ring. She just doesn’t seem to be into the tug thing.

Carmen’s diligently working on this song. I should be down there. But I’m tired and I’m waiting for a call.

Lunch is a taco and supper is…what? Um…beef strogonoff.

I’m excited because tonight the retrains come in. Apparently someone else from good old Canada will be here. I probably won’t know him, but cool. More people to meet.

Ooo! 45 minutes until massage time. I think I’m gonna grab some more z’s.

Well, doggy massage was fun. It’s all about the circular motions. At the end, she just started licking me like mad and wagging her tail. Then she turned and started licking Amy to death. Amy? Amy didn’t give her a massage! What? It was funny. Then she almost plopped her butt on my lap. That would have hurt. Then we went out to relieve and I found out my poor beast has Giardia. Now, I don’t know about dogs, but I know when humans get giardia, they’re pretty sick. So now she has to take medicine for 3 nights to cure her.

Then we decided to do laundry, and we left our beasts in our room. We shut the door,, but we didn’t tie them down. We gave them bones and took off for the laundry. When we came back, they were as good as gold…until we came into the room. Then Trixie got up, ran around and grabbed Beauty’s bone! When I came at her, she dropped it, and Then we couldn’t figure out whose bone was who’s. Autumn found one, and then I discovered that Trixie will point her little nose at what you dropped. Cool! She doesn’t nibble it, she just points. How awesome.

I know she loves me, because whenever I leave her and come back, she jumps up and wags her tail. what a doll.

Got the laundry done, and got the puppy groomed. I even brushed her teeth and everything. Yeah yeah yeah! And I met Carmen’s friends. They’re cool. I need to hang out with Carmen for a bit. She wants me to write down the words to her dog song, she says she has them all written down. what will rhyme with Sedgwick?

I need to go bug the staff for Trixie’s Giardia medicine. She’s so smart. she gets off the rug when she knows it’s feeding time. Smart puppy. We get to meet the retrains soon!

Well we met them. I can’t even hope to get all of their names right. There’s Henry whose dog got sick with some kind of cancer, there’s Craig from Toronto whose dog blew its knee out playing on some snow and ice and had to be retired, ouch! There’s Angela who can’t hear very well, there’s Kristy, there’s Lee who’s Frank’s neighbour, there’s Phil and Deborah, and I’m forgetting a couple. I’ll get them. They all seem cool. Henry and Craig sit at our table.

If I could sleep right now, I would. But we have to relieve. After that, I think I’m going to hit the snoozer.

Look at Trixie-poo chomping on her bone. Chomp chomp gobble gobble chew.

Amy is really upset. She thinks Dynamo has a bladder infection because he really really has to go and his guide work gets sloppy close to relieving times and she can’t seem to get that message across. I told her to not mince her words and ask if she and Dynamo can go down to the vets and get it fixed up. Don’t ask, don’t say maybe. Just say I would like to see the vets. If I’d done that in Ottawa, maybe I wouldn’t have gone through that saga.

Now my F key cap has fallen off my Elba. The big question is…where is it? Where did it fall off and will a dog find it…and eat it? I’ll never be able to live with myself if one of them does. I hope I find it so I can put it away.

Oh god. We finished the song, and Al’s going to play the guitar. Al, who never says anything, was whooping up a storm. It was awesome. I sang beside him so he could hear the words and he loved them. He said it was the best fun he’d had the whole time. He’s such a sweet guy, and his hearing loss really keeps him out of the loop. We turned into such idiots, barking and howling in one part of the song.

And finally here’s a mesage to those ditwads who set off fireworks directly across the street when we went to relieve…if you ever do it again…There will be at least 10 angry blind people after you. The fireworks made our dogs spazz out to varying degrees. Trusty ran inside and snorted, which sent Trixie into being spooked. We were mad. I know they didn’t know, but jesus lord. Fireworks? On a random Sunday? Ok then.

That’s it. It was a quiet day.

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