Good Luck In Life, Kid. I’d Say Break A Leg, But…

Reading this, my mind goes back and forth between two thoughts.

  1. As someone who grew up around my share of irresponsible drunks, I kind of hope this motherfucker never drives or sees his kid again. But the way that Canada and the U.S. treat these things, I imagine he’s already doing both regularly.
  2. As someone who broke an arm once and remembers how much it hurt, I can only imagine how painful being carried with a broken leg by a tipsy arsehole in a panic must have been. I bet it’s the kind of pain that makes murdering someone in their sleep when you get better seem like a viable option.

Drunk Joliet motorist Christopher Hernandez crashed into three cars Saturday evening near the Louis Joliet Mall, and then left his seriously injured 10-year-old son at a nearby store, so he could flee the scene of the crash he caused, according to Joliet police.

Hernandez was driving westbound on Plainfield Road at Hennepin Drive when he struck the rear of the vehicle ahead of him, police said.
“This collision caused both vehicles to lose control and skid into two additional vehicles that were waiting in the left turn lane of eastbound Plainfield Road,” police spokesman Dwayne English announced. “Immediately following the collision, Hernandez fled the scene carrying his 10-year-old son, who was seriously injured in the crash.”

The child suffered a broken leg during the crash, and he was taken to St. Joe’s hospital, police said.

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