Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 16

Last Updated on: 19th April 2023, 04:22 pm

Monday again. I fell asleep quickly last night. I woke up this morning and went to feed and relieve, and relieve she did! She pooped and when I tried to pick up the poop, I missed some! Arg! Then she pooped again! Note to self, always grab 2 bags.

Breakfast is waffles, fruit and yogourt, lunch is some kind of shrimp pasta, mmm, and dinner is ribs! Double mmm!

Today is going to be busy. This morning we go to the Albert building, some kind of business zone, and do stairs and elevators and stuff. Then this afternoon it’s City Hall. More building work. And this morning, half of us have to do obedience in the kennels! That is going to be hell! High collar corrections, here we come. Then we have a lecture tonight. Plus gotta clean ears. so much to do. This week is gonna be long.

Breakfast was good, waffles and fruit and yogourt and fruit. Then we went from the bus to the Albert building which wasn’t far and then we did stairs and the elevator. Stairs was easy. the elevator, my silly babe found the stairs instead of the elevators. Then we got to do a freelance route! How cool! 3 of us went to the coffee shop down at the corner of Fourth and B once you cross B. my little bum was sniffy. Note to self: when taking Trixie into restaurants, use gental leader.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention her crappy beginning of obedience in the kennels. We went into the kennels and she was just nuts, looking this way and that way. I had to give her two high collars and the gental leader. Then she shaped up. Then she sat and lay and stayed and heeled. I was glad to get out of the kennels.

So then we came back after the freelance route and she peed and all, but we met some puppy distraction and ho boy. But we got through it.

I’m a little upset. Carmen says that Sylvia was sitting beside Autumn when I got the news about the resume and she said Autumn looked jealous. I remember she didn’t say anything. I don’t know what to believe. Whatever, it’s two weeks and all of this is over.

Why do I always feel so fat after lunch? I do, without fail.

Man you have to be so careful at the gift shop. They tried to charge Autumn regular price for the items rather than student price. So watch your receipts. I don’t think they meant to, I just think they’re not very competent. The people who work there don’t even know who the trainers are and it seemed too much for them to take a note and wait for the order form to come in and change something. Ug slight annoyance.

So relieving, then to City hall, then I assume more freelancing, then come home and collapse after relieving and feeding and watering and all that jolly good joy. then dinner and a lecture about dealing with guide dog in community, and then relieve and fall down. Must remember to clean her ears tonight, and I’ve still gotta run her in the paddock. Man I’ll miss that paddock when I get home. To just let her loose in there and not worry about a thing. And I still have to groom her later. I guess that’s when I’ll clean her ears.

The afternoon was fun. We did our first tandom walk. Adam, who I forgot to mention subs in for Mike on Mondays, went out with Carmen and I. The way it works is one of us leads and when we get to the corner the leader reads the traffic, and when we get to the other side the other person leads so no dog just dumbly follows. It’s pretty cool.

Oh, before we went on our afternoon strolls, they told us all that our dogs were doing more diving for food and stuff like that and we all had to be more vigilant. Ouch. They told us that was normal because we doubted ourselves so we didn’t react quick enough. I didn’t think I’d go through that again, but I guess I did.

On our route down to City hall, my little bum stole some kibble off the sidewalk. I didn’t even feel it because we were just climing an up-curb so her head already felt like it was down. So arg! Other than that, she was good.

We’re having a rough day for illnesses. Sylvia felt ill and Meredeth blew out her knee on a walk. She deserves a medal for strength or bravery or something because instead of asking for the nursemobile to take her back, she limped back to the bus. That woman is awesome. I’d be crying for mamma.

I need to run Trixie in the grass paddock stil. I’m not completely confident about my way there, but I’m almost willing to try it. Come out at relieving circle doors, turn right, pass the dip that signals the doors to the retrain wing, keep going a ways and turn right, go a cross a bridge…and after that I get a little shaky. I know on the way there Trixie will make the perfect path, it’s just the way back that worries me. I have some time and I’m thinking about trying it, but she seemed really hot out there on the walk so I’m not sure if gallopping in a paddock is what she’s up for. Damn I don’t know what to do. They say they need this every day, and who am I to deprive her of doggy time?

We went to the paddock and she did a lot of sniffing but not much gallopping. That’s ok though since she can’t do a lot of sniffing elsewhere.

She’s all confused because I took her fleece away to wash it. She’s used to no fleece meaning food is on the way, but it certainly is not since she just got fed. Then I crossed her up even more because I took her dish, but only to wash it. Ha ha puppy, keepin’ you on your toes.

I have to write something down because it’s bugging the hell out of me. Bug bug bugging me! Ok, Autumn knows what she can and cannot eat. Nuts are among the things she cannot eat. Today, we get frozen bananas covered in chocolate. So it’s this big banana-half on a stick and it’s covered in chocolate and these lumpy rough things which I assume are nuts. I eat it and think, hmm I wonder if those are nuts. Hope Autumn notices. I talk to her after and ask were they nuts? I’m thinking she would have asked someone if they were nuts before merrily chomping it down. She says, “I don’t know, I wondered if they were nuts but then I thought oh they’re probably just crumbly chocolate things. You should have told me there were nuts in it.” I beg your pardon Miss Autumn? I’m supposed to tell you, a grown woman, what you should and should not eat before you use your own brain to determine whether or not you ask the question? I understand thinking that frozen bananas covered in chocolate wouldn’t have nuts in them, but as soon as you see them, you ask, or you decide that maybe this dessert isn’t for you and pass it up! You don’t just gobble it down and hope for the best. Fool! No more sympathy for her. Fool! Complete and utter fool!

Oh, something funny happened when I went to take the fleece down to the washer. I collided with Henry, his hands hitting me right at boob-level. The poor man. I think he was so embarrassed. Henry’s so meek and mild.

Alright, dinner, lecture, grooming and ear-cleaning, relieving, falling down go snore snore. Got it.

Ok that was kind of an intimidating lecture. I’m glad they do it, I mean I wasn’t prepared for the spotlight that was going to hit me when I got Babs, but they really point out all the things the public gets weird about and all the worst things your dog could end up doing. Then they showed this video that Hotels get about service animals and it was so threatening. It was like, “you have to let them in or they’ll sue. This was the funniest quote. “Service animals only go to the bathroom on command, so it is impossible that they’ll have an accident in your room.” Impossible? Ask the TD Canada Trust how impossible it is for a service animal to have an accident. It was my fault that Babs left a present in the bank, but it does happen. Accidents happen.

Her ears are clean. I’ll groom her in the morning because her fur still feels like flee goop. But her teeth are brushed and the fleece is washed. She’s probably upset that it doesn’t have her scent as strong, but whatever. Now crashing.

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