Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 25

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:50 am

Yea! Things are looking up! Yea! First, the brace is staying on longer. They figured out the metal parts bend. Now that they’ve bent, it’ll stay on longer. It will eventually slide down, but it’ll stay on longer.

I got up this morning after oversleeping and went to feed Trixie. Then I tried to get her pills but no one was at the office. Being behind schedule, I ran around trying to find someone to give her her pills, plus I had to have my brace tightened. I got my brace tightened and had to give up on the pills until after breakfast. Then they actually let me get the bottle of pills to take back so I don’t have to pester them again! Yea! So I had to give her the pills the hard way, i.e. open her mouth, put the pill in, hold her mouth closed and rub her throat until she swallows it. That went ok.

Then I headed out for the bus to go to the airport. They were putting us all through airport security so we’d know what to expect when they screene us. Then the afternoon was the solo route. so anyway I headed out to the bus and we came onboard, and then they said a dog vomited on the bus steps. They were trying to figure out who vomited. Then they got up on the bus and there was more vomit right in front of me. Not a good sign. They said it looked like bile and some kind of food called ID. Um, there they are, phorenzically examining the vomit to see whose dog puked. They can’t figure out if it’s Trixie who puked, or Clyde’s dog. clyde was with us because he decided to go through the security screening because he has a pacemaker too. So anyway, off we went.

The security screening was interesting. Because your dog sets off the alarms, you can either make them sit and stay and walk through, or heel the dog through and both get padded down. I went for the second, I wasn’t sure how well the sit stay would work because I’d be holding the end of a leash, which has metal anyway. The key is never let the screener take your dog away from you, and at the end, make sure they reunite you with your shoes and metal things you had to take out of your pockets.

So we went through, and oh my god, the underwire in my bra set off the beeper! How embarrassing. And they had to clear my zipper, I felt like I was being molested. Ickers. At one point she wanted to know what the bulge in my pocket was. I’m like, um, er, it’s bags to pick up their, um, erm, waste, ya know, poop. She’s like take them out. I’m like sure. Then she just started laughing. Then, when they were wanding the dog, she said something that sounded like “Have her lie on her side.” So I tried, and she rolled over on her belly. Then she was really laughing. I had real trouble having her stay sitting. She would sit and then get up again. Erg. But the security lady was really nice. Oy yoy yoy. When they were wanding me, my brace kept setting off alarms because its sides are made of steel. Then they had to rub this thing across my hands and across the brace to check for traces of explosives. Oy yoy yoy.

It was really cool to be able to do this, because we were learning, and they were able to get feedback about how well they did. So we were training them. They must get sick of seeing so many dogs each month. I made it through the whole airport thing without any trouble. Yea immobilizer! Wooo!

Then we came back and had a roast beef sandwich, and I was full. Next we had a lecture from the infamous Brian Francis about Graduate services, and he explained the vet plan. They’ll help with $250 worth of basic dog care expenses each year plus the cost of flea and heartworm preventative. And if something huge happens to the poor woofer, they’ll help and work out something with you so you pay some and the vet might be able to knock some off. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Then we went off and did the, gulp, self-orientation or solo route. They dropped Carmen off first, then Sylvia, then Meredeth, then Jill, then me. I got the shortest route, with my gimpy leg. But I still managed to screw stuff up. Ok, it took me forever to figure out where to go after they told me I was at Fifth and E on the south side of Fifth. Hello, all I had to do was cross E, turn, cross fifth, walk straight down E to Fourth, turn down it, find the lounge, you’re done. Simple simple simple. But I was like I can’t see this in my mind! I totally cracked under pressure. Then I managed to cross, have trouble crossing the next street, then screw up finding the right way to go once I got across, then turn in too soon and end up in another parking lot near the lounge. Eek! That was a very, very, very short route and I still buggered it up. Way to inspire confidence in your instructors. Then we all came home after you had the chance to freelance or stay there. I wasn’t moving. I managed to get back in ok shape, but the brace had slid down. Catherine re-adjusted it and I was cool again. She was amazed to here that I was able to relieve her and everything. I just told her I line my left foot up with her and bend primarily from my left side. It was harder, but it was doable. So she may be able to come home with me after all.

Then we got back and we went and relieved her and fed and took her out to relieve again. I’m thinking cool. She’s done her duty. So I give her her bone and she has fun with it. Then we go for dinner, sloppy joe’s. And I had some apple pie too.

Then, oh then. I took her out on our little patio and was throwing a cong back and forth, and suddenly she started circling the way she does when she’s about to drop a poop bomb. I’m like oh no oh no oh no! Sure enough, there’s a nice carepackage at my feet. I luckily had a bag and picked it up as best I could, but managed to step in some smeers. Ug. I cleaned off my shoes and brought the present to the instructors so it could be disposed of. Jessica even hosed off the patio for me. Jessica’s so sweet.

I got a call from Trixie’s puppy raisers! How cool is that? They were all asking me lots of questions and telling me about Trixie. She apparently always had a yellow lab friend. So that’s why she loves Beauty so much. Ah it all comes out. They said she loved tug, but on a rope. I have a longer tug toy at home, we’ll see if she likes that. They even offered to buy me booties or a doggy bed for the Trixter. I could just hug them! They’re coming on Saturday and they want to see her work. Hmmm. I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I’m going to talk to the instructors. They’re so excited to meet me. Oh Saturday is going to be a very emotional day. I’m going to be reduced to a blubbering pile by the end.

Alrighty, crashing now.

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