Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 27

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:49 am

Note from Steve: Yes, I realize that we’re jumping from day 25 to 27. I’m not sure what happened to 26, but I don’t have it. that means that it’s either lost in email land somewhere or that one of us made a mistake in the numbering at some point. Since I’m not entirely certain which it is and I can’t ask because A it’s 4:30 in the morning in California right now and B because Carin’s at the airport waiting to come home, I’m just going to go by her numbers. I can always fix it later.

Ok I have to do this one at the end and quickly because it’s ten-to-eleven and I need to crash.

Got up and fed Trixie her last pills with her food and all that. Went to breakfast and to see the nurse about the brace. She said I had it on right, just not tight enough and reassured me that I would get it. She told me I must go to Muir Woods, and the route isn’t that long. So I decided to go.

The morning meeting was quick, we just got our schedule. Mike shook all our hands and left for a meeting, but not before Carmen played that bloody song. She tried to play it in the wrong key, and I, queen of tact…not…said, “Wrong key, chief.” She got the damn song recorded in mp3 and it’s going to be given to all the puppy raisers. She’s apparently going to sing it at some kind of reception tomorrow. Ug I never want to hear that melody ever again.

Boy am I ever glad I went on the trail. We went down this winding path and boardwalk and all that stuff. The water was peaceful, the birdies sang, Trixie did perfectly, everything was awesome. I didn’t make it all the way, but I walked with the nurse and we went a good long ways. She actually strongly advocated that I go and walked right with me. I love Helen.

Then we got hot chocolate and some people checked out a gift shop, a disturbing gift shop if you ask me. Ok, we’re at a Redwood preservation park. All the souvenirs are made out of…Redwood. Hmmm. Strange? Yep.

So we left Muir Woods and came back and had lunch. Then, we had a meeting and got given a gynormo binder of goodness with everything we could ever want. I do have one teeny gripe. In that information is a thing about the harness size etc. but it’s not available in an alternative format. Um, won’t we need that at some point? I’m going to recommend that some of those more important pieces of info be put in an alternative format. But they gave us a ton of shit. Yea ton of shit.

Next we went to the mall. Autumn banged up her knee again today. She thwonked it yesterday so she wasn’t going anywhere. So I took her credit card and got her Mrs. Fields cookies and I got myself some C’s candy for the plane trip back. The guy in C’s candy just couldn’t stop giggling at my dog. I think he fell in love with Trixie, either that or he couldn’t decide if he loved Storm more. Poor Amy had to buy a whole other suitcase and discovered that it’s hard to do guide work and wheel a suitcase. We left the mall and there was a bit of free time, but I ended up on the phone for most of it. Of course I had to feed and relieve puppy and all, but the rest of the time it was yack yack yack. I’m going to pay for that in the morning. I have to do laundry and I have to do it as soon as I get up. Ug.

Then I ran to dinner. Yep, my knee is heeling. Much love, much love to the brace and the patience of the nurses who helped me. Helen especially deserves an award. There are so many people I’d like to give something to. I actually ran to dinner.

After dinner, we had the dumbest lecture ever. It was basically a summary of several lectures. Ug. But then they gave us a tie-down and told us what tomorrow wil hold. Ug. Tomorrow’s busy. Then Autumn’s mom and friend came and that was cool. They gave Trixie a big, heavy bone…that I can see causing trouble. She does not want to give it up. Ok, serious obedience to come.

I finally took the freelance guide back to its proper place. Then Amy and I got giggling and I finally got to ask her the question of are we cool. I love Amy, but she seems to be a bit of a backstabber. So I asked her, is there any reason that you just can’t stand me? I said I’ve noticed she’ll be nice to someone’s face and then say all manner of bad things behind their back, and I asked her if she had a problem with me. She said no. So hopefully she isn’t a real good liar too.

Now it’s late, I mean really late, and I have to get up at 5:45 to start laundry.

Oh yeah, Trixie-boo is Giardia-negative! Do a little dance, jump around and celebrate! No more nasty poops! No more Giardia. Be gone! Out, demon, out! Oh, and that beeping in the hall can stop at any time now.

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