Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 5

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:21 am

Well, first night with the dog. It was definitely interesting. She definitely has Babs-like tendencies, like, oh say, trying to wake me up at 3 in the morning. If I showed any part of my body, she’d be up sniffing. Crazy beast. But I still managed to sleep, so that was good. We got up, and I fed her and gave her water and then she relieved like a trooper. Did them both in no time flat. She’s a very vocal dog. She snorts if you pet her a certain way and she makes little groans to express how she’s feeling. I think when she wags her tail, it’s another swisher. That’s ok. I was hoping for a thumper, but oh well, I love her, she’s cute.

Did I mention how sappy David got over Maylee? At first he didn’t want a black lab, but he loves her and he’s just taken with her completely.

Man I felt like an old Lady, going to bed before 10:00. But I was tired and had to be up at 5:45, so it had to be done.

Today we get French toast and strawberries and sausages for breakfast. Mmm. And for lunch we get boritos or a tai chicken salad, and dinner…I can’t remember. Oh. It’s macaroni or some other weird salad that I wasn’t a fan of. And dessert is tripple fudge brownies. Mm. Well, I think it’s almost time for breakfast. Damn I’m hungry.

Apparently I was hungry. I had seconds! Seconds?

Trixie’s behaving herself a bit better today. I’m very happy I have no leash burn. Yea lack of leash burn.

Today’s schedule: obedience, relieving, a real guide workout, watering, lunch, a lecture, relieving, I forget what’s next, but it’ll be busy. Oh bus 1 learns to groom tonight.

Ok gotta run. Long day. Fall down. Fall down and feel feet ache. I can’t really do stream of consciousness like the other days because I didn’t bring this thing with me. So. We had obedience, and to my surprise she was a complete angel. Not a single correction necessary.

So we went to relieve. God I hate the relieving circle. I love it and hate it. They have you walk out to this curb and then step out and walk to the middle of this driveway thing. We all have to find our own space and then you make the leash long, there are two rings on the leash. So anyway you make them a long leash and you walk back and forth and say “do your business.” But every time I go out there, I get disoriented and they have to lead me to a spot. It seems like no one else needs that. Anyway, they saw that Jill’s dog was limping, so they took him to the vet. That’s what I like to see! He apparently had this weird growing pain thing that lots of young dogs get. So we left, minus her, for the bus. Then the bus drove to this other location, not the downtown lounge so we could do a straight shot. We had to wait forever, but when Trixie and I went out, she went perfectly. She walks at a good pace for me. It felt absolutely awesome. Oh, we learned how to put on the harness today. I like the fact that the handle detaches, and it’s not made of metal, so no more gouges of the leg by the harness. So anyway, we came back, watered the puppy, it sounds like watering a plant. But we gave her water, and took her for a poop and went for lunch. Man I was hungry, felt like a whale. I met the peer counsellor. That was cool. she’s on her fourth guide dog. Wow. She’s cool.

After lunch we had a lecture about street crossings. It was nice to hear some of the same things again. After lecture, we went downtown to the lounge and did some street crossings. This morning when we did our route, the instructor also attached a leash, but this afternoon, she only attached a leash for a little while. This morning Trixie was so happy that she was wacking her tail into the harness. Maybe she is a thumper! This afternoon, though, she was lacking in confidence and was wigging out a bit. Oh well, it’s normal.

Man, two people are mildly bugging me. Frank said something really mean. I’m like sometimes I catch myself saying the stupidest things, and Frank said, “just now? Well, good that you’re catching yourself.” And Autumn keeps taunting my dog, and it’s just not cool. At one point, she kept saying, “Can you please get your dog together?” I snapped at her and said, “Can you please stop doing that? It’s really not necessary.”

After lunch, Autumn lost her leash and we couldn’t find it anywhere. It was weird. She came in, put Beauty on tiedown and then started making her bed cause we had to strip our beds and they brought the sheets back. Then she couldn’t find her leash! Turns out it was hanging from the patio door.

We had dinner, watered her, and then some of us learned how to groom, but not me yet. Bus 1 got the lecture, I’m on bus 2. Oh, I had a royal struggle with her on the bus. She doesn’t like to sit between my legs and she squiggles over so my legs end up sprawled.

I think that’s about it for today. Ug I’m tired. Must send off two days worth of logs. Oh my beast is snoring.

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