Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 24

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:51 am

So I woke up this morning filled with this sadness and anger. I was sad because I don’t look forward to guide work right now because frankly it hurts. It hurts and I never know when it’s going to kill. And I’m mad that this had to happen right at the end, cheating me out of the end of training. I hate this.

I got up and knocked on the instructor’s door to get Trixie’s pills and couldn’t wake them up. So I fed her and they taught me how to put a pill in her mouth and get it down her throat. Fun but it worked. Then I took the brace back to the nurse and got yelled at by Lee. She thought I was the nurse! Um nope. So now they’ve tied this brace onto me with ace bandages and now they’re worried they fastened it too tight. Grrr! I’m supposed to go to the nurse and have it looked at, then deal with my travel insurance shit. Guess who’s not going to the warf? Oh and I have my exit interview.

Exit interview over. I gave them a pretty high mark. Somebody got exit interviewed by good old Paulo the stalker! Then I thought I’d try relieving Trixie with this brace on. That went ok, but she didn’t really challenge me. Mike says, “Carin, are you pplaying ice hockey or what?” I told him what happened and he says, “We may have to send you home and bring your dog to you when you’re well. We’ll talk about that later.” Well at least they’re not kicking me out. But that’s certainly not the way I wanted training to end.

So I’m lying here in bed, wishing I could fix the travel insurance disaster, but I can’t because they gave me a case number which the nurse wrote down but I didn’t have this thing right there to write it down too, and the nurse is of course heading to Fisherman’s Warf with the rest of the crew. This sucks. Sucks, blows, bites and puffs too. Here come the cleaning staff. Great. I love them for all they do, but they can be kinda scary. I think they’re sick of cleaning our rooms, changing our towels, etc. I would be if that was my job.

I’m laying here listening to Lewis Black and trying to be hopeful.

Well, after laying in bed and feeling completely helpless, I took her to relieve. That went ok, she just peed. Then they called me into the office and said, worst case scenario, they’ll send me home at the end of the week and they’d send Trixie to me when I was well enough to care for her. I really don’t want that. I don’t want to have to keep saying to people, oh the dog isn’t here yet, I tore a ligament in my knee, lather, rinse, repeat. Why does this journey have to be so difficult for me? I just wanna get the dog and get on with my life.

I got a call from the people at that job I applied for. “We got your resume and we want an interview. How’s Friday?” Excuse me while I restrain my rage. Why do I bother writing a cover letter with explicit details about when I will be available if they won’t goddamn read it? I’m thrilled to bits that they want me, it just pisses me off that I have to be painstakingly careful about everything I write in a resume and cover letter if they don’t actually, um, read it! The funny part is they phoned me in California. They phoned a goddamn california number and thought I’d be available almost immediately for an interview in Toronto. I think I’ve been reading too much Lewis Black, I’m feeling his rage.

So I’m sitting here this afternoon wishing I could be out there. My knee actually is feeling somewhat better at this moment.

Oh, I heard who her puppy raisers were. I hope she won’t be lonely. She lived in a house with 3 girls, another dog and a cat. She’ll have a dude, but no dog or cat. They said she was very vocal [how true], she likes playing tug [what the hell?], she likes taking a shower, loves having her teeth brushed, is very eager to please, and loves people. They even sent pictures, some of her as a wee puppy. And they’re coming to graduation. I’m going to cry.

Damn I wish I could do something. This is wicked annoying, My knee feels not half bad now, but they still advise not to push it.

Oh here’s some good joy. I called travel insurance and they’re saying I have to pay the bill and then give them a goddamn receipt. I can’t just send the bill to them. I ask why they thought I purchased travel insurance. Just for fun? So I could have an extra job to do? Yeah, that’s it. I didn’t actually *need* the coverage, I just sorta wanted it. Grrr. I don’t mind putting it on credit if I know I’ll get the damn money back quickly, But this is infuriating.

Well, my knee feels pretty good right now. I’m actually quite impressed. Maybe, just maybe, Trixie and I will make it home together on Sunday. Even Frank’s rooting for me. I feel guilty for being upset with Frank. He was being very sweet at the table.

Arg. I just spilled water on my lecture CD’s. Piss and hell and every other explitive. I got them out of the envelopes, let’s hope they make it. Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. I still have to return a stray glass and knife from yesterday’s lunch tray that didn’t make it back on the tray that Amy took back for me. She was being a real sweety.

Yikes. David just called me. Eeewww. That was awkward.

Ok, I’m going to bed with my nice brace on. Playing ice-hockey as Mike put it.

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