A Question for The Wrestling Fans

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 04:17 pm

Am I the only one who thinks that Monday’s WWE draft lottery is totally useless and a complete waste of time? I must be, considering how excited people are getting about it. All of the analysis and argument I’m seeing and hearing over who should go where and why is driving me friggin nuts. Change this, revitalize that, freshen up storylines there, create new feuds here, just shut up already! And by shut up I don’t mean stop talking about wrestling, I only mean save your thought energy for things that actually mean something.

Like I said up top, the draft is pointless. If you don’t believe me, you need to go back and watch pretty much every WWE show from at least the end of 2006 until now, and especially everything from the Royal Rumble on, and then you need to answer a few questions. Questions like how many times have we seen someone from one brand show up on another for no good reason and then just stay there? Or why are there no single brand PPV’s anymore if everything is supposed to be separate? Or how many times have guys from one brand come out on another’s show and cut a promo or wrestled a match like it’s no big thing, and how many times have the announcers treated it the same way, not even caring that some Raw guy is taking up valuable Smackdown TV time? And then there’s the biggest question of all. If the wrestlers and announcers and management don’t respect the boundaries of the brand extension, why should we?

In a world where until last Monday we had tag champions who were singles wrestlers on separate shows and where ECW pay-per-view angles are the most prominent thing on RAW, what good is a draft going to do for anything? WWE has done nothing but repeatedly pound into our heads that the brand extension doesn’t mean a thing, so why should we care that they’re messing with it? The only thing the draft is going to change the face of is the WWE.com roster page. Everything else is going to remain largely unchanged. Sure we might get some different match combinations, but we would have gotten those anyway without the 3-hour ratings grab disguised as a major event. You can’t expect me to believe that without a lottery we’d never have the chance to see Jeff Hardy against CM Punk or Randy Orton in a feud with Jimmy Wang Yang. Anything you think the draft might make possible is already possible now. this isn’t a real brand split like WWF and WCW was. What we have now are 3 shows produced by one company that tend to feature different guys from week to week, but whenever they want it to, that can change just because they said so.

So while everybody else is on the edge of their seats Monday night waiting to see who the next pick will be, I’ll be watching Raw like it’s any other show, and bracing myself for the hundreds of angry columnists and feedback contributors who’ll be putting out articles in the next few weeks about how not much has really changed and how WWE sucks for the same reasons it’s been sucking for years now.

Feel free to disagree and to take a shot at selling me on how great this is going to be, but I’m afraid you’ve got an uphill climb and it’s all WWE’s fault. I want to catch a great big case of draft fever and look forward to Monday night like I did when I was young, but when something is designed to be so obviously meaningless, I have no choice but to treat it that way.

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