Attention All Dog Toys! Quiver in Fear Before Your Destroyer!

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2013, 06:08 pm

In these short four months I have had Trixie home, I’ve discovered she is a toy-murderer. If something has the slightest bit of give, she will find it and exploit it. Remember that knotted rope? Well, she reduced it to a pile of yarn. At first, she only undid the knot at one end, so it formed little cylinders that looked like Raggedy Anne legs. And then it all came unglued.

Then, of course, there were the two tug toys before that that she destroyed in quick succession, one of which was given by her puppy raisers. Everyone wonders if I leave them around for her to chew on. Nope!

I bought another tug toy, a cong with a rope. Well, within 24 hours, she had pulled the knots out of the rope, made the cong fall off, and it was not a very strong cong, so pieces of it fell off. So, there goes another toy.

The funniest was a doughnut with a squeaker that someone bought me at the dollar store. I know we’re not supposed to have anything with squeakers, but she said she had a toy-murderer of her own and she’d had this doughnut for months and the dog hadn’t gotten to the squeaker. I thought it was a pretty safe bet. Nope, wrong, try again. She was playing with it, it was merrily going squeaky, squeaky, squeaky. Then, a few minutes later, it went rip, rip. Then I heard rubber screeching noises. I ran over, and…you guessed it. She had extricated the squeaker, made a hole in it so it squeaked no more, and there was now a giant hole in the doughnut. Bye-bye, poor doughnut, rest in peace, er, pieces.

I have now bought a very, very, very, thick rope with a handle that I hold onto. It looks like it could take a beating. Let’s see how long it lasts. I’m also on the hunt for some tug toys from a store called Foster and Smith because they’re supposed to be indestructable. Trix, don’t take that as a challenge. Really, you don’t have to prove everybody wrong.

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