>Now The Owners Of The Spa Will Sweat Profusely

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2012, 02:30 pm

>Ok. Is it ever a good idea to wrap yourself in mud, plastic, blankets and cardboard boxes in an attempt to detoxify yourself of…who knows what? Also, while you are intensely sweating, something this is designed to cause, is it a good idea to not drink water? two people found out it wasn’t such a great idea, and one of them is no longer with us. I’m surprised more didn’t need trips to the hospital.

If they had done this the week before in that crazy heat, I would have called them super dumb and not just dumb. The things people will do for some weird health benefit.

And what pushed this over the top for me was the spa where they did this was a place in Quebec called “Reine de Paix.” Translation? Queen of Peace. Well, one visitor of the spa found eternal peace, that’s for sure.

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