What The Hell In A Cell And J.P. Strikes Out

Last Updated on: 7th May 2015, 10:07 am

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Not sure how long or good this post is going to be, I just wanted to write something to get myself back in the swing of things now that I think I’m ok again. I was laid low by what I believe was some less than friendly salad dressing and perhaps something that teamed up with it to make my life miserable. No way a little bit of dressing on some food should be able to kill me for the better part of 2 days, so I’m thinking it created the opening that something else snuck through.

Since I was feeling less than stellar on Sunday I didn’t get a chance to write up a prediction post for the Hell in a Cell show, but truth be told I likely wouldn’t have bothered anyway. I was fine Saturday and had all day to do it and I had pretty much decided fuck it, this show isn’t worth it. I didn’t have the passion to hate anything, there was nothing to write glowingly about, really, there was just no reason to even care or make picks for this one other than the contest I’m in.

Speaking of which, my magic number is still 3. It would have been 4 this time had the R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre match been added early enough to count, but them’s the breaks I guess. The only ones I picked right when it mattered were John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler, Mickie James over Alicia Fox and Chris Jericho & Big Show over Batista & Rey Mysterio. I wish I could take credit for Miz winning the U.S. title, but they waited until last night on Raw to pull the trigger on that one, the pricks. I think they saw my picks and wanted to make sure this 3 per show deal stayed a running joke. I’m now at 9 points for the year after 3 events as far as PWInsider is concerned. I haven’t seen the updated standings yet, but the person in the lead had 13 points going in and I assume that unless he had a horrible night, he now has more.

I’m not going to run down the whole show like I sometimes do since even after seeing it I still don’t care much, but I’ll say it was ok. No need to buy a replay, but if you absolutely must watch things from this show, find the Cena and Orton cell match and the tag title match on YouTube or something, they were pretty good. Everything else was ok, but nothing to write home about.

The one match I had any kind of real interest in ended up being a letdown, mostly because of the fuckawful booking. CM Punk, the most interesting and different character there is right now, loses in less than 10 minutes to the Undertaker? Ok, sure. I realize Taker is hurting so they probably weren’t working a long match anyway, but why beat Punk? What becomes of the idea of there being a conspiracy to keep the belt on him that they’ve been building up since the last show? Watching how soundly he was beaten I couldn’t help thinking that there had to be some kind of stupid reason for it, and it didn’t take long to find it.

Punk is in the doghouse after an incident on the latest international tour. There are a few versions of what happened. One is that he was told that he was the champion and he needed to dress in a more professional manner befitting the top guy on the brand, and he responded with a comment to the effect of, “What about John Cena?” The other story was that he made it clear that he didn’t think the time was right for him to drop the championship. Regardless of which happened (and it very well could have been both), word almost immediately got out that he was now going to be buried on Sunday. Punk, who is a heat magnet as it is, had his supporters who thought the entire thing was monumentally stupid both because it was a petty thing to do at a time when they need to elevate as many guys as possible and also because Undertaker is in great pain, isn’t working a full schedule, and has no need to be champion. Others who have hated Punk since day one were giddy that he was going to be knocked down a peg or two here.


Seriously, try explaining this business to normal people. You can’t do it. I have no idea why, down through history and especially these days in WWE, when somebody has to be punished for something, it needs to be done at the expense of the product. If you need to teach a guy a lesson have him pay a fine or whatever, don’t punish us poor universelets along with him.

And on the subject of punishing us, I want to ask a favour of the people at The Score. Can you please stop showing clips of old matches right before Raw starts? I know you’re trying to promote Vintage Collection, but teasing us with good wrestling and then showing 2 hours of what most weeks is the exact opposite is just mean.

Getting away from wrestling, good on the Jays for finally pulling the trigger onfiring J.P. Ricciardi.I won’t sit here and say he was all bad like a lot of people seem to be doing, but it was definitely time for him to go. he had 8 years to turn things around and he didn’t do it, and moreover, he wasn’t honest about it. I was trying to think of what to say about the situation, but then I realized that the article I linked pretty well sums up how I feel about him. He was a guy that did his share of good, leaving us with some promise for the future, but also a somewhat disingenuous guy with a mouth too big for his own good who had a tendency to dish out over-inflated contracts to players who showed even the slightest bit of a spark. It can be argued that those deals look bad only in hindsight and that J.P. did what he felt he had to do to keep good players in Toronto, but when that many huge deals don’t pan out and leave the team on the hook for sums that could be used to sign more people for less money or nothing to show for it when ties are cut it’s more than just a small run of bad luck.

Hopefully Alex Anthopoulos and whatever is left of the front office can sort out all of the bullshit surrounding this team and tell the fans honestly what we should expect from next season and beyond. All you have to do is look at the crowds for the final homestand to see that serious work needs to be done to restore our faith in the team, and a little honesty would go a long way in that regard. It’s going to be a big job, and I wish them well.

That seems to be all I have to say at the moment. It’s good to feel better and have the energy to write again, and if all goes well it shouldn’t be long before I’m back again with something else to perhaps entertain you all.

Bye for now.

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