Maybe It’s Part Of The Plan To Kill Off A Few Extra Children

Last Updated on: 14th March 2014, 10:25 am

You know, we really shouldn’t be too surprised when China uses high amounts of lead in the toys they make. I mean, this should already be a no-brainer. But it becomes especially unsurprising when they are too cheap to build a bridge over a raging river so some of their kids can get to school, so the little ones have to be hoisted over by cable. One kid actually said, “I used to dream of having a bridge, but then I learned that my dream
was too expensive.”

Too expensive? For China? Who filld this kid’s head with bullshit? Why do I bother to ask? They have more than enough dough to build a bridge so some kids don’t go swimming in the river.

Now a bridge is being built, but only because the image of the little ones got out to the media and China thinks it looks bad.

And we still call them a developed nation. I don’t know what they have developed into, but it’s not good.

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