Poisonous Stupidity

Last Updated on: 25th January 2017, 09:36 am

Ok, why is it that the completely dumb among us do things to themselves that should earn them a Darwin award, but manage to live? The latest moron is Matt Wilkenson.

Strike 1. He kept a pet rattle snake.
Strike 2. He put it down his throat because he thought it would be funny.
Strike 3. It bit him, shooting enough venom straight into his throat to kill 12-15 men.
He should be out!

Nope. After doctors stuck a breathing tube down his throat, injected several rounds of anti-venin into him and then put him in a medical coma for three days, he’s still alive, kickin’, and just as stupid, saying things like “It was kind of my own stupid fault.” Kind of? Well, that’s a start.

It doesn’t seem fair that he’s going to be fine, but someone else will have something happen to them that’s completely out of their control and die.

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