I’m Sick of This Bullshit

Last Updated on: 19th February 2014, 03:17 pm

Whenever I think about riding this post, words fail me. I’m reduced to saying, over and over again, these people are morons!
You remember my feelings on guts, dont you? If not, there’s the most recent eruption, complete with links to earlier spewings. There, history lessonover.

Now, they’re at it again. How did Shakespeare put it? “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” I know, that’s not about the same thing, but it fits pretty well here.

Last week, on the day of action for people with disabilities, GUTS decided that their contribution would be to dump cow dung all over the front of our current MPP’s office. They claim it was her campaign office, but in true GUTS fashion, they failed to do their research and dumped it at her constituency office. Way to go. They said they did this to, how did they put it? “express our concern that the Ontario Liberal government has done very little for those with disabilities.”

And throwing a heap of bullshit really expresses concern. No, it only makes the MPP want to do even less for people with disabilities.

That’s not all these so-called advocates have done. In the past, they have protested in front of our MPP’s home on the weekend, and essentially sent her death threats! Why haven’t they been prosecuted? That is not the way someone representing a group of people, or any decent citizen for that matter, should behave. The only change they can hope to effect with that kind of intimidation is a change of their criminal records to reflect their latest idiocy.

As a person with a disability, here is my personal message for those at GUTS. Stop speaking for me. You are doing more harm than good by doing this, well, bullshit. You make me ashamed that you are trying to represent me. I have a voice, let me use it. I sure as hell don’t need you doing it. The more of these stunts you pull, the less help we as people with disabilities will get. You are not speaking for the under-empowered. You are undermining what power we may have. Go do something useful.

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