Give Me A Ring Some Time

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 09:37 am

Steve sent me an article about four months ago that I keep meaning to write about, but for some reason, the idea of ripping it apart seemed like too daunting a task. So I’m going to try today.

It’s articles like this that make me ashamed to be a girl. I guess because it was June and lots of people get married in June, the Guelph Mercury decided to run a story about choosing a wedding ring, and the trends that are going on now.

Apparently, girls aren’t happy with the idea of the one they love proposing and getting them a simple wedding ring. No no no. They want a big, sparkling rock so they can play a nice game of “My Ring’s Bigger than your ring” with their friends. . It’s quotes like

People love a big sparkly ring, especially coming from the person they love most in the world.

that make me sad. How about it’s pretty special that the person who you love most in the world wants to get you a ring at all. To sit there and demand glitter for something that’s supposed to symbolize love and commitment is pretty shallow. It’s special because it’s from him.

Here’s another priceless gem, ha ha.

It’s really in everyone’s best interest to make sure the bride gets a ring
she loves. She wears it for many, many, many years. It’s not like the dress that you wear for one day.

And what about him? Presumably, he has to wear his for just as long. Doesn’t he matter in this whole equation? I get the sense the poor sap doesn’t.

The whole thing’s become way too much of a fashion extravaganza. The guy is expected to “have done his homework” and figured out what ring she wants by following her little hints or looking at her friends’ rings. If the poor soul stumbles onto, look out! He’s going to get asked by all the other brides what her other jewellery looks like, what her “lifestyle” is, ug!

And the girls don’t want to be surprised. hell, they want to pick it out! But if they want to pick it out, do they want to pay for it? Nope. That’s the man’s job. Some even go so far as to buy it, wrap it, hand it to him…and then give him the receipt! Um, pardon? I was fine if the girl wanted to switch roles and surprise him with a ring, but to get your own ring and then tell him what he can pay is, well, just a little over the top for me.

We seem to be missing the point of this whole exercise. Hell, if girls went way back to see the point of this whole exercise, they might not want the sparkling rock after all. But the sanitized, modern point of this whole exercise is to think of the ring as a symbol of how much the love means. It’s not about all this superficial shit. Also, people forget that just because someone can go out and find a pretty ring doesn’t mean they’re a good person. A prick can ask all the right questions and be oozing with cash, and still be a prick. I hope all the girls on their quests for the big, sparkling rock remember that.

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