>Travelodge: A Good Naked Sleepwalk Isn’t Far Away

Last Updated on: 25th April 2012, 07:35 pm

>Ok, sleepwalking must be on the extreme upswing, and wearing pyjamas must have gone out of fashion, because in the UK, Travelodge staff have been trained to deal with naked sleepwalkers. What I find the weirdest about this whole thing is sleepwalkers don’t just sleepwalk, they come out into the lobby asking for newspapers or wanting to chekc out. I think the most I managed to utter the one time I sleepwalked was something about Steve being a sneaky devil. I certainly had no idea where I was going, and managed to almost collide with my filing cabinet. I wouldn’t have made it to the hotel lobby. How do these folks get all the way to reception and manage whole sentences? And why are there so many? And why are they all naked?

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