Diabetic Shock Meets Electric Shock

Last Updated on: 21st November 2017, 05:46 pm

If you’re driving through the Ozarks and you have Diabetes, make damn sure that you’re wearing a medical alert bracelet proclaiming your condition. Otherwise, if you have a blood sugar drop, and you are incoherent in your car and police want you out of the car, they might think you’re drunk and taser you, just like they did to James Bludsworth. Bludsworth? Let’s heap some naming irony on top of it, even though it’s not quite spelled perfectly.

Ok, let’s be logical. Even if the guy was drunk, as long as he’s not punching you in the face or saying he’s not gonna do as you say, why whip out the taser? Why not just get the guy out of the car?

These police are lucky they didn’t kill him, as Diabetes can make the heart not so strong, and a few thousand volts don’t usually sit well with an irregular heart.

Oh it gets even better. After being taken to jail, he had to pay a grand to get out, blew a .00 on the breath test, and still has DUI charges against him. And, the chief thinks the police were right in zapping him. Alrighty then.

I feel sorry for the poor guy. It must have been scary enough having a low, then you pull over to the side of the road, probably as your last attempt to get yourself out of harm’s way, then the police show up, and if a fragment of your mind is still conscious, you think you’re going to get helped, and then you get zapped and carted off to jail! It would be great if one of these police officers developed Diabetes later in life and had an event that left him in similar circumstances. Then he’d see how useful a tasing really is in that case.

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