To Be Used On Both Heads?

Last Updated on: 1st October 2018, 08:21 am

If you thought lead-laiden products from China were bad, what do you think of hair bands made of recycled used condoms? Yup, used. How the hell do they dispose of used condoms in China that someone could get access to them? Does someone have to go through the garbage looking for them? *gag*

And worse than the gag factor, the condoms could still contain STD’s that people could contract by holding them in their mouths while they shaped their hair into pony-tails and such. I keep picturing how many times my mom would hold hairclips in her mouth while she fiddled with her hair. I’ll never hold an elastic in my mouth again! Gaaa! Cheap isn’t always good.

On a funny sidenote, where did these show up? Guangdong province.

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