Who’s Your Daddy?

Last Updated on: 3rd October 2016, 03:12 pm

Ok, this just sucks, and illustrates the point that if you agree to anything with any kind of importance, write it down and make everybody sign!

Back in the 80’s, a physician who worked in the same hospital as a lesbian couple who wanted to have a baby decided to help them out by donating some sperm. Orally, they decided that he was not going to have any parental rights or anything, these two were going to be the parents. But you know how good a verbal contract is, right? It’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

Now that that kid is going to college, since the guy sent some cards and gifts and kept distant contact, the lesbian couple is trying to get court to say he is the daddy so he can send support payments, and they’re succeeding, despite the fact that the court says this guy can’t ask for a paternity test. What?

The way I understand the story, they say that since the guy kept some contact and sent gifts, then he assumed some parental responsibilities, so now he should pay. Let me get this straight. Any older person who sent any kid a gift is saying they’re a second dad or mom?

I think this guy’s biggest mistake was putting his name on the kid’s birth certificate. That’s the only place where the court sort of has a case. If he’s going to state in a legal document that he’s the dad…well…he’s saying he’s the dad. But everything else is bull. How can people who say the guy has no parental rights when the kid is a kid now say this guy’s a parent when it’s convenient? It’s one way, or the other.

Ug. I don’t know what else to say, except what a mess.

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