Visible Stupidity

Last Updated on: 20th February 2014, 08:12 am

Just so no one else falls for this, next time you’re voting somewhere, the pen you’re using seems to have no ink, and the polling clerk tells you not to worry, it has invisible ink and the scanners will count it, don’t believe them and ask for another pen. We’re all good on that? Cool! Ok.

I don’t understand the people who are now crying that they did so much research because this election meant so much to them. If it did, then why did they allow themselves to believe that hogwash and vote with a broken pen? If it meant so much to them, they would have said “listen, I don’t believe you. I’m voting with a pen with visible ink, thank you very much, and I’m not moving until I get one. Either give me one that works or I’m going to another polling station.”

Now they’re tracking down 20 voters, or trying to, to tell them to come back and vote again. And you know what’s sad? This didn’t happen in Florida.

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