Thank You For Donating To The You’re A Gullible Moron Fund

Last Updated on: 11th May 2018, 06:32 am

Why do people keep falling for this stuff? Honestly, get a clue or 6. If you want to donate to a church or anything for that matter go ahead, just do it on your own time and not while you’re being annoyed by people following you out of a bank. And for christsakes, letting people into your car is just asking for trouble.

Woman scammed by ‘money blessers’ in Walmart parking lot in Sanford

They followed a bank customer with money into the parking lot. One of them approached her and asked if she knew how to get to a Baptist church, where he wanted to make a donation. He also asked her to donate, but she said no.

Then the other man walked up and started asking questions about making donations to a church and they confused the woman, who was somehow convinced to let them into her car.

That’s when one man pulled out what appeared to be a large amount of money. He asked the woman to prove she was trustworthy enough to donate his money for him.

At some point, the woman put her money with his on a “prayer cloth” and they blessed the money.

“They told the victim to deliver the money just like this, folded up in the prayer cloth,” police said in a report. After the men left, she looked into the cloth and realized her money was gone and all that remained was his “money” — cut up newspaper.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be over here not having any sympathy for this numbskull.

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