A Big crush

Last Updated on: 3rd October 2014, 09:14 am

This story is just weird, not because of what it is, but the way it’s being reported.

A girl in a high school in Scotland was walking down the hall, and bent to pick something up, I’ve heard shoe in one place and pencil in another. But what she’s picking up doesn’t matter. What happened was 25 other students crashed into her. Nobody was seriously injured, a few bumps, bruises and sprains, but nothing horrible. But the headline sounded like it was the Hajj! I mean, crushed? I don’t think anyone was really crushed.

Yup, that whole situation would be bizarre. But the story gets longer and longer as person after person deflects blame. “The halls were supervised…” “They are not narrow…” “This really was a freak accident!” Um, was anyone saying it was anything more than that? They even took the time to interview a senior pupil about it, and mentioned the building of a new school. What in the blue blooddy hell does the building of a new school have to do with this? Is it going to be freak accident-proofed? Are the halls going to be super wide so people bending down to pick things up won’t be trampled?

I can only come to two possible conclusions. Either they’re terrified that they’re going to be sued over this and are trying to get it on the record that no one did anything wrong, or Falkirk is really low on newsworthy events.

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