Go West Young Woman Go West

And now, Gill with a Remembrance Day remembrance.


In 1917 American president Wilson sent troops to Europe, Mata hari Dutch born spy was placed in front of a firing squad, and Mildred Cook boarded a train to Oregon.

Mildred Cook-Macmurchy 1897-1972

You may know of the others, but you might just ask yourself who this Mildred Cook person was. In 1917 she was a 20-year-old living an ordinary life with her mother and stepfather when she decided to go visit her beloved stepbrother Jack in Oregon.

What Did She Do?
On her arrival to visit her stepbrother, sometime after President Wilson declared that American troops would be going in to help the war effort, and with Jack’s encouragement and connections in the steel industry, Mildred set to work in one of the factories. She was given a certificate of recognition from the American government for her service.

My Thoughts

Although she had been gone seven years by the time I was born, and I heard this story through a great-aunt, I am really proud of my great-grandmother. She, probably with out even knowing or recognizing it, was an ordinary hero.

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