If I Had A Hammer…

Well, here’s the long-awaited answer to the question of what colour and tool did 98% of people think of? Well, it’s not really long-awaited, I only made you wait a day. But I couldn’t hold back any longer. It’s cool that lots of people were unconventional. I now feel like a rather square-thinking person. So, what was it? It was … wait for it…red hammer!

Payload kind of guessed it, saying 99% would say red hammer, even though s/he said yellow screwdriver. I wonder why s/he thought most would say red hammer. I’m very curious! I know I thought I was pretty weird for thinking red hammer. I mean, who owns a red hammer? Aren’t hammers black or something? Is it because red is a very loud colour and hammer is a pretty obvious tool? After crunching all those numbers, I know I was sort of scrambling for a colour and a tool, so maybe that’s why.

So, that’s the answer. What a weird test.

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