Power Stupidity

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2014, 08:49 am

Last week I read about a couple of women who decided to power wash their toddler. I really didn’t know what to say then. The kid and parents hadn’t been found. I just couldn’t believe someone would think spraying a toddler with the same force you would spray a car would be a good idea.

Now, the head power washer, AKA the mother of the child has come forward to try to explain herself, so I have to say something because she didn’t do a very good job.

She claims she’s a great parent and would never hurt her daughter, and she sprayed her with the hose to relax her. Yeah, because being pelted by a power washer is such a relaxing experience. Then she said she made a poor decision that day and is in a parenting class to prevent future poor decisions. Hmmm. If a good parent makes one poor decision, they don’t usually wind up in parenting class. Then again, that poor decision isn’t usually as epic as putting your kid through a car wash. I have a feeling there have been a few poor decisions along the way. This becomes especially obvious when her attorney is shocked that the police arrested her because the department of children and families had already determined the child wasn’t in any danger. The Department of Children and Families doesn’t usually make such determinations without following the kid around for quite some time.

Something tells me this mom shouldn’t have gone on Good Morning America. She’s not helping her case.

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