Money? I Wouldn’t Count On It.

Last Updated on: 21st October 2013, 06:27 pm

You know what would be great? If somebody could explain to me what it is WWE is trying to do with this Big Show Floyd Mayweather angle. As things stand after that totally useless episode of Raw last night, I’m so confused it’s not even funny.

Let’s recap what’s happened since No Way Out. Try to follow the bouncing ball if you can.

  • Big Show returns to WWE after being away for over a year.
  • He cuts a promo about how much he’s missed wrestling and how soon he’ll be a champion again.
  • This promo makes him an instant babyface.
  • For some reason he then decides to attack Rey Misterio.
  • Going after one of the company’s most popular characters after that character has just been beaten and is legit injured makes him into an instant heel.
  • Floyd Mayweather, who we know from earlier in the evening is friends with Misterio, will not stand for this and confronts Big Show.
  • Big Show mocks him and tells him to bring it on if he’s so damn tough.
  • Mayweather does in fact bring it on, mashing the crap out of Show’s nose with some frightening punches.
  • This makes him into an instant babyface.
  • The next night, Big Show apologizes to Mayweather because he was told to.
  • Mayweather cuts a promo in the style of the arrogant prick he portrays in the boxing world.
  • this makes him into a bit of a heel, at least more of a heel than Big show is at the moment.
  • Big Show then decides that he’s not done with young Floyd, and proceeds to challenge him to a match at Wrestlemania.
  • Show and Floyd trade promos on the following episodes of Smackdown and Raw.
  • Floyd’s annoyed me so much that he’s either a heel or the worst babyface in the history of ever.
  • On last week’s Raw, the official weigh in takes place.
  • Mayweather is playing heel and Show is back in total babyface mode, going so far as to bring out most of the locker room to combat the entourage that Floyd has with him.
  • It ends up with Big Show press slamming Floyd to the outside of the ring and the wrestlers and boxing folks getting into a pull apart.
  • It’s announced later that Floyd has hurt his elbow, putting him at even more of a disadvantage come Mania.
  • Steve gets confused as to why the heel is the one having to fight against the odds.
  • On Smackdown, Big Show has a 2 on one match against 2 babyfaces and squashes them quickly.
  • I’m pretty sure this would make him a heel, but I don’t know anymore.
  • Which brings us to last night and Big Show’s guest spot on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.
  • Show, the babyface, starts insulting Jericho, who is also a babyface.
  • A match is made between the 2, and Jericho’s newly won Intercontinental title is on the line.
  • The match is a short one, because babyface Jericho gets frustrated and heelishly clonks babyface? Big Show with the belt to get himself disqualified.
  • For his trouble, newly heel? Jericho gets knocked out by a Big Show right hand and then chokeslammed to death.
  • the announcers inform Floyd Mayweather that based on what we’ve just seen, he is unquestionably going to die in a couple of weeks.

Got all that? Yeah, me neither.

But here’s the icing on the cake. All of this nonsense is being done to build interest in something they haven’t bothered to announce yet. Are they having a boxing match? A wrestling match? An MMA fight? All 3? It’d be nice if they’d tell us, because they only have a couple weeks left to make me care, and so far they’re failing in spectacular fashion. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that WWE secretly rehired Vince Russo and put him in charge of writing this storyline, because not many people would be capable of coming up with something this confusing and stupid.

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