Update On Holly

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2018, 04:34 pm

Remember a while ago, I mentioned Holly, and her need for an auditory brainstem implant? Well, she’s raffling off some artwork! So if you want a chance at a nice print, and want to help out too, go buy a ticket.

Note to blinks: When they wrote out the PayPal address, they wrote it out so it couldn’t be spammed, i.e. writing out the words at and dot and placing them in brackets, so if you copy and paste into PayPal, you’ll have to turn the words at and dot into their respective signs.

What’s really wacked out is I know the chick who is providing the print! Well, I met her 13 years ago at a camp. But she is an acquaintance of mine.

So go Holly, and go Dee-Ann! And everybody go buy a ticket!

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