Maybe You Don’t Need A Hard Hat Because You’re Hard-Headed

Last Updated on: 1st April 2014, 10:35 am

Grrr. This shit is what turns the public off of human rights lawsuits.

Mander Singh Sohal and Kalwant Singh Sahota are two Sikh men working in a sawmill in B.C. Now that the boss brought in an obligatory hard hat policy to lower injury risk, they’re suing, even though they’ve been offered a job for the same pay doing something that would not require a hard hat, calling this hard hat thing a human rights violation.

No, it’s to prevent your heads from becoming pulverized in an accident. Sure, you’ve worked for 20 years without one and haven’t had an accident or a claim, but all that says is you’re one lucky fucker. I could have j-walked for 20 years and not be hit by a bus. Still, j-walking is more risky than waiting for the little man who says “walk.” I could step out tomorrow and get clobbered because I chose to j-walk, a higher risk behaviour than crossing the street properly.

What really burns my butt is these guys were offered an alternative and they’re still on the happy road to human rightsville. They say that the alternative was only offered after they hit the media, which could be possible, but now that it is, take the damn thing! You got your fucking way, now be sensible and be done with it!

Listen, guys, you’re not helping your case. When people think of human rights violations and Sikhs, your case is going to be one of the ones that stands out and makes people even more resistent.

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