The End Of Another Era

Last Updated on: 21st August 2013, 10:01 am

First Ric Flair retires, and now

After New Year’s Eve, the Royal Canadian Air Farce, a Canadian institution if there ever was one, will be no more. Even though the show is far from what it used to be and doesn’t have the same kind of can’t miss feel to it that it did back when John Morgan did a lot of the writing, this is still sad news to me.

The Farce will always have a special place in my heart because it was such a big part of my childhood. As a kid, I looked forward to every Sunday afternoon because I knew there would be a new Air Farce show on CBC Radio. And when I figured out that it played on CBC Stereo on Saturday mornings, I was in heaven. Whenever I could I’d listen to it Saturday, and if it was really good I’d be sure to tape it Sunday so I could keep it and listen to it at nights while I was falling asleep or whenever I needed to laugh.

When it moved to television years later, watching it became something that my dad and I would always enjoy doing together. In fact, our love for that show was one of the very few things the 2 of us had in common.

So no matter what people may say about it and man alive is it ever getting roasted in the story comments at the link above, I’ll definitely miss it and I’ll certainly always appreciate its place in history, both Canada’s and my own.

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