You Do, I Do, Everyone Everywhere Loves, The Spring

Last Updated on: 16th October 2020, 03:13 pm

Did anyone else have to sing that little ditty for the music festival? Did anyone else wonder what a hey ding-a-ding was? Apologies for butchering the spelling, I can’t find the lyrics anywhere! I can’t remember if it had some kind of weird title, but typing in the few bits I remember from when I sang it at the music festival 17 years ago…jesus murphy! I have to let that sit for a minute. Ok. Anyway, typing in the words I remember into google returns diddly squat in the search results. But that wasn’t even the point of this post. The point is I love spring, and hope to Christ it’s here to stay!

Trixie and I just walked for a couple miles, and god did it feel good. The sidewalks were clear, except for the one right outside our apartment building, but it’s getting better. Trixie is such a little princess, she does not want to step in the big puddles. What a goofy pooch. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the sidewalks were clear, oh it was awesome! You should have seen Trixie. She is so unbelievably cute. When she realized we were going for a real walk, she was so happy. She picked up the pace and just loved every minute of it. The first few times we were out and it was nice, she was distracted by everything. But she seems to have come back to her senses, and stays focused while she enjoys the beautiful weather. she’s also learned that we don’t have to cross the street as if we’re avoiding a snowbank on the other side because it exists no more, so we can go where we usually go. Man she’s an easy dog to work with. She’s such an amazingly fast learner. She even remembered where the cash registers were at this grocery store that we don’t go to a lot. Gotta love my Trixie doodles.

In the winter, an evil part of my mind said I won’t get out as much when the weather warms up because the novelty will have worn off and I’ll get lazy. That evil part couldn’t be more wrong. I’m already planning another big walk tomorrow. We’re gonna walk all the way downtown. That’s a mile and a half one way! God I love the spring! Bring on the awesome weather! I wanna soak up the sun and lose some weight! Who needs a gym when you’ve got a canine?

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