I Have To Put This Up, Or I’ll Keep Giggling

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 01:44 pm

16 Apr, Wed, 06:50:39   
assful of juicy man goo

Well hello again Hardon Ricky. Nice to see you. It has to be you who searched for such a, um, graphic search term. Sadly, we’re on the first page for that queery, below some nasty links to anal videos and something called sex cube. Alrighty then. But the one in search of the man goo came here. Did the anal videos and sex cube not have any man goo? Or maybe it wasn’t enough man goo. What’s really scary is according to google, it could only find 41 search results for such a thing. On the whole internet, there were only 41 pages that even came close to delivering what our anonymous weirdo behind the keyboard was looking for.

I hope our searcher’s quest for man goo ends soon. Even though s/he didn’t find it by coming here, s/he sure gave me a giggle.

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